Tuesday, May 20, 2014

D&D Core Books

The new core books for D&D's 5th edition have just been announced and I had the opportunity to paint a couple of them.  Let's just say I couldn't say yes fast enough when I received the request. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

The first one I was given was the Player's Handbook.  The original image was cropped down a bit for the final cover.  I don't always like when this happens but it is part of the process and typically why many ADs ask for lots of bleed on the image.  Ultimately I think it turned out really nice with the tight crop.

The Player's Handbook (Uncropped)
Final Print Version
The second one commissioned, only about a couple months ago, was the Dungeon Master's Guide.  This time around we anticipated a close crop and I painted the image for that specifically.

Dungeon Master's Guide
Final Print Version
I was truly honored to get to work on two of the core books for the next installment of D&D.  Big thanks to the ADs, Melissa and Shauna for these two paintings.

Jeff LaSala wrote a great article over at Tor discussing what D&D has instore with 5th edition.  We had a little chat about the covers I painted.  Check it out here


Wolvercote said...

You did a spectacular job. Enjoy the accolades for they are well-deserved.

Ameron said...

How would someone purchase posters/prints of these?

Tyler Jacobson said...

You can email me about prints. Tylerjacobsonart@gmail.com. Thanks!!

Will Doyle said...

Masterful work sir!

Jason J. Romein said...

Sir, I am in awe of the work you've done. I hope to see more art like this for 5th Edition!

Nasan Hardcastle said...

These are great! I love both of them.

drow said...

awesome beyond awesome.

Raphael Lucchini said...

Hey Tyler. I noticed that your digital paintings has the same brush aspect. Do you work and use the same sort of brushes to keep all your paintings having the same look?

Or do you use a variety of brushes for each project?
I know that is not the brush that makes you a good artist but, do you think that switch them changes your work?

Raphael Lucchini said...
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Ben Lo said...

Beautiful book cover, i just saw it on the the kotaku article.